Marina Shoes
With more than 65 years of existence, we are a reference in the footwear sector, specialized in the development and design of tailored projects.
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About Us

With more than 65 years of existence, we are a reference in the footwear sector, specialized in the development and design of tailored projects, according to the needs of each client.

Who we are.

We are a company located in the northern part of Portugal around 50km from Porto, with a daily production of 1,000 pairs of shoes for men and women. 95% of which, for the export market.

Our main export markets include UK, USA, France, Japan, Germany, Scandinavia but not limited to.

What we do.

We develop any new product from the various constructions available (indian mocassin sewn, traditional cemented, stitch and turn, strobel, side stitch, etc) in record time and with high quality standards.

How we do it.

We have human resources with accumulated experience that allows us to overcome the obstacles that arise with each new project.

We design our collections through our own stylist and modeling department.

With the latest technology in machinery we provide high quality footwear in record time.

Types of Fabrication

Turn Shoes

A single sole, flexible shoe. The sole and upper are stitched together with a horizontal chain stitch with wrong side out on the last. It is then turned inside out.

Indian moccasin

A genuine moccasin construction with a vamp plug and puckered plug stitching, with or without a fringed collar or decorative beading.

Cemented construction

Method of footwear construction where the upper is secured to the insole with thread, tacks, staples or cement adhesive material. The sole is then attached to the upper and insole by cement under pressure.


Offers a much higher flexibility and strength than many other types of construction. The outsole is normally either cemented or stitched to the insole to complete manufacture.

Side wall stitch

Secures the sole with a heavy stitch around the upper. Allowing longer use and better quality.

Other Fabrication

For any other type
of fabrication, consult us.


          We have a large number of resources, based on the experience acquired over several years, which allows us 

to offer our clients a wide range of high quality manufacturing and services.

Quality Inspections


Marina Calçado S.A.



Rua do Monte das Ruas, 187 

4610-265 Felgueiras



GPS: 41º 21′ 45.0”N / 8º 13′ 03”.7″W



Tel.:    +351 255 310 040

Fax:    +351 255 311 182

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